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An Epilepsy Blog Like No Other!

Epilepsy is a roller coaster ride that takes a toll on both the patient, family, and friends. While positivity isn't a cure, it can be a helpful mindset while dealing with your epilepsy. Born and raised to be positive, I help show the millions of people with epilepsy that it doesn't have to hold you back. Continuing to fight seizures for 18 years now, I want to bring you in to my life and show you that it hasn't stopped me. Thank you for following my blog!

It's Time to Make a Statement

With the support of the epilepsy community along with other disability organizations, the response to my blog is overwhelming! It's time for me to combine my blog with other platforms to grow even more. From now on you will get more videos, and inspirational messages on how you can climb your epilepsy mountain. It's going to become more personal so you get an inside look at how I go about my life with my good old friend epilepsy. Stay tuned to all social media accounts and my website!

Top 10 Epilepsy Blogs

Proudly recognized as #8 in the world for epilepsy blogs according to SeizureLink. Thank you for all your support!

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Featured On TV

Thank you to AM Buffalo for letting me spread some epilepsy awareness on TV! Watch it here: Kyle Kieffer AM Buffalo

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