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While I am an epilepsy warrior, I do take pride in helping businesses gain exposure online by developing SEO strategies tailored to them. With over 10 years of SEO experience, I have gained the expertise to help drive visitors and increase revenue organically. My heart is always with the epilepsy community and that's why 5% of each service goes to the National Epilepsy Foundation Of America. Take a look at my SEO experience and let's start working together soon!

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My Experience

  1. (Oct 2022 - Present)

    • Position: Search Engine Optimization Specialist (Full-time)

    • Responsibilities:

      • Develop search engine optimization strategies for each parent company website.

      • Gather and analyze data using Google Webmaster Tools and other online platforms to create and maintain ongoing SEO.

      • Maintain and edit sitemap files as required.

      • Utilize SEMRush to identify and resolve errors or warnings affecting websites.

      • Skills: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  2. Gordon Companies Inc. (Nov 2018 - Oct 2022)

    • Position: Digital Marketing Specialist (Full-time)

    • Responsibilities:

      • Develop search engine optimization strategies for the parent companies of Gordon Companies.

      • Gather necessary information using Google Webmaster Tools.

      • Implement search engine optimization on Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

      • Assist in managing social media accounts for parent companies (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

      • Create graphics and content for social media using Hootsuite platform.

      • Write content and blogs for parent company websites based on product categories and landing page information.

      • Tailor website blogs to seasonal and holiday trends.

      • Use different blog formats to engage the audience.

  3. Mainstreethost (Aug 2016 - Nov 2018)

    • Position: Digital Marketing Specialist

    • Responsibilities:

      • Collaborate with the optimization team to create and analyze search engine optimization reports for clients.

      • Research and develop search engine strategies for clients, including optimizing website titles, descriptions, and keywords.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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