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The Driving Battle with Epilepsy

It was in 2012 when we decided that I shouldn't drive with my epilepsy; I was devastated. Heading to college the coming fall, I thought I was doomed. But like everything else with epilepsy, it taught me lessons on how to overcome a challenge most people don't have to worry about. Going to college in Ohio was a blessing in so many ways, but when it came to transportation it was HUGE! There are two words that describe how I overcame my transportation barrier in college, and partly afterwards; Friends and Uber!

Friends: I developed a group of friends that were always by my side through thick and thin. They were always willing to drive places whether it was 30 minutes away or 5 minutes away. I can't thank my friends in college enough for all they did. For those who are nervous about going away to college because of your epilepsy, try to develop this type of friend group. There were nights when I had to sleep in my friends dorm for safety.

My advice for kids and teens looking to develop this type of friend group is to not be afraid to tell them about your epilepsy. Don't go around telling people, but wait until you have a really good friend and go from there.

Uber: For people like us, Uber is our transportation lifeline! In the rare event that my friends couldn't drive me places, Uber was always my backup. Cheap and convenient, Uber prides its self in getting people from point A to point B safe at much cheaper prices compared to taxis. If you have doubts about Uber, throw those doubts out and start using it! Being in NY right now, I'm severely confined. NY hasn't brought Uber to the state yet and millions of people like myself are hurting from it. Uber provides us with easy access to transportation; a ride to a doctors appointment, downtown etc. When in doubt, use Uber!

I know how hard it is not being able to drive, but there are alternatives. Like every battle we've been given, this is just another one to overcome. Family, Friends and Uber! Any questions, contact me through Facebook or my site!

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