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Wait, What Other People? This is My Life!

Was I scared, nervous and stressed? YES. You’re probably thinking what I was so scared about. It was having that first seizure in front of my friends and classmates. I know many of you think people are judging you if and when you have a seizure. The truth is, they are. But I’ve learned throughout my years that people judging you aren’t judging you the way you think they are. Many of them are inspired by your strength and courage. If you don’t believe me; if you’ve had a seizure in public did people come over and want to help you? The answer is probably yes. This shows that people aren’t judging you in a bad way when you have a seizure or the fact you have epilepsy, it proves that people are inspired by your strength.

Trust me, I’ve had my first seizures with all my friends and got different responses from each one. However, each person had one common trait and that was, they were quick to their feet to help me. Sometimes I would even play jokes on my friends with my seizures! I had a friend that witnessed a seizure for the first time and I told him everything was alright. I texted him that I was having a seizure and was going to the ER. Next thing I know he was sprinting to my dorm room! Yes epilepsy can be tough, but sometimes you just have to have fun with it.

The lesson learned here is that nobody is judging you the wrong way because of your epilepsy. They understand the strength it takes to battle it, and they are inspired by you. Also, you should have fun with your seizures too haha (just don’t give any friends a heart attack)!

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