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Bring On Tomorrow- 86,400

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Today I was given 86,400 seconds to live the day to the fullest. Those 86,400 seconds aren’t a guarantee nor can you rewind them. They are simply a gift given to you, and you need to take advantage of them every day. You can’t live in the past, but you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

Having epilepsy I thought this “task” would be difficult. Don’t get me wrong, the first few years of having seizures wasn’t easy, but I soon found a way to live my days the way I wanted to. It was in college when I really put aside my epilepsy and began living each day my way. It would be nights out on the city, fun activities on campus with my friends, or just hanging with my friends in the dorms during the week. I quickly realized that yes I can have seizures while I do these activities, but my response became “oh well.” Many of you now think I’m crazy saying that seizures at a bar is no big deal! I’m okay with that J During college I began speaking out about my seizures, and this made my friends and people in general aware of my situation. I soon felt comfortable pretty much anywhere allowing me to branch out and LIVE EACH DAY RIGHT.

As the 86,400 seconds tick away, what are you going to do to live tomorrow better than today? Try setting some goals for you to accomplish each day. Don’t let epilepsy hold yourself back from living and experiencing life. Go out and try different things, meet new people, and if you do have a seizure try to train your brain to say “oh well.” You’re a fighter and will get back up.

Remember that at the end you’ll have two dates with a dash. Make sure that dash is full of life and living!

Time you spent reading this blog: 120 seconds!

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