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Don't Let Anything Knock You Down, Ever.

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Born with clubbed feet I immediately fell in love with the term “I get knocked down, but I get up again.” Having five foot surgeries done never kept me down. Once my epilepsy hit it was just another obstacle that knocked me down literally for 2 minutes, and I got right back up. Yes, it’s always a battle don’t get me wrong, but winning the battle is AWESOME!

Whether you’re battling a disability or tough time at school, you have to, and will find a way to get back up. You were meant to be faced with challenges in your life, both small and big. It’s a test of your strength and will to survive. The best part in life is when you overcome those challenges and achieve something so great others are inspired by you. Now I can’t tell you how to specifically win each battle and get up after an obstacle in your life, but I can tell you that winning battles can come in many different forms. Me writing this blog is a way for me to win the battle against epilepsy. Overcoming a challenge can come when you least expect it. You will always find a way to get back up if you fight the battle!

Next time you see that challenge come into your life, I want you to remember that nobody gets knocked down and stays down. We all have fight in us to get up again and again, no matter how many times it may be.

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