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Our Epilepsy Fight Song & It's Definition

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Faith: I’m not sure I really need to explain this one, but battling a disability requires faith to all degrees. Whether it’s going through medical exams or surgeries, we all find a way to keep our faith through it all. If you let your faith slip, you make it much harder on yourself to fight the battle against your disability.

Inspire: As disability fighters, we have the power to inspire so many! I have had the pleasure and opportunity to see this firsthand. Your family, friends and even strangers gain a whole new appreciation for “fight” when they see people like us. You may not realize it at first, but people are noticing how hard you are fighting. One by one people are getting inspired by the strength you have to fight your disability.

Grit: This term is used a lot with sports, but the fact that we have to fight both physically and mentally each day against our disability deserves a great amount of grit. We don’t get time to rest or take a quick break from our fight like athletes do. It’s a constant uphill fight that none of us give up on.

Hope: Everyone with a disability carries that thought of hope that one day it may get all better. It’s thoughts like these that help us get through our days. When we lose Hope, we can always count on a family member or friend to bring it back to us. Keep that hope with you no matter how extreme it may seem. Anything is possible with a little hope!

Trust: It can be family, friends or care takers; but you need to be able to trust these people while fighting your disability. I personally couldn’t have gone through my fight without the trust of my family and friends. Being able to trust people while going through a fight like no other is a relief.

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” describes exactly what each and every one of us goes through EACH DAY. We don’t give up, we don’t give in, and we keep moving forward with our lives. We all have lots of fight in us, so let’s use it!

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