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Playing 18 Holes of Golf Relating to Disabilities

For me, epilepsy is like playing a round of golf. You get the full experience of emotions, physical abilities and the ability to navigate your way around the course. Being a golfer it’s easy for me to relate my disability to this sport. Below is how I go about a hole on the course, and I related everything to epilepsy. Through the power of golf, you can see what we battle every day.

Tee box:

On the tee box it’s a strategic thought process on how I’m going to navigate the particular hole. From picking the right club to the target in the fairway. It’s all strategic, and sets up the game plan for the following shots. The tee box is like my thought process in the morning. What’s my main goal for today? If I have a seizure, what are my steps right after? It’s us thinking about our short term in relation to our disability.

Putting Green View From Scoreboard


Being in the fairway is the easy path to the green. Pick the right club and target, and you’ll be all set. Being in the fairway is us cruising our way through our battle with our disability. We

may hit an occasional hook or slice, but it’s normally smooth sailing from here.


The rough tests both your mental and physical state in golf. There’s no easy swing out of the rough. It’s a dig down deep, hard swing. From the rough anything can happen; hook, slice, draw, fade. This is the time in our lives where we are going through tough times. Whether it’s an increase in seizures, medical tests, surgeries, etc. We find a way to buckle down and still get to the green.


We made it! The green is the last test of your ability to finish it out. It’s a skill that comes hard to a lot of people in relation to golf. Determining the break, speed and where to miss isn’t an easy task. Once you sink that final putt, you know that you successfully navigated your way through the 18 holes on the course. The green is the time where we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if you have a disability that may not be curable, there are ways to see that light. Me writing this blog is a way to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

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