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Carly Pearce's "Every Little Thing" Sends a Message to The Disability World

This past week I attended a meet and greet concert with Carly Pearce, a country music

Meet & Greet With Country Artist Carly Pearce

artist with great talent. After listening to her play, I immediately knew there was a message that could help spread and share with the disability world. Carly already has impacted many with her music and currently has a top 40 song “Every Little Thing” that will play a role in this blog.

Born in Kentucky, Carly’s mind was set on following her dreams as a country music singer. She is already accomplishing that dream with great success. Too many of us, including myself don’t follow our dreams. We were given a challenge so big that it affects the way we go about our daily lives. Why should we let that happen? I cannot control when I’m going to have a seizure, but I can control how I live my life. Although the message in Carly’s song is focusing on facing hardships, I am going to twist it. As we grow older we will remember every little thing in our lives, from seizures to college graduation. Why worry about something we cannot control and is holding us back from those precious moments that occur during our lives? Every little thing in our lives is something to remember, and could inspire others around us like Carly did Wednesday night.

I cannot tell you what to do with your life, but I hope that you will try to put aside your disability and follow your dreams. Remember that every little thing in your life matters, and it happens for a reason. Savor the precious moments and forget the tough times.

Thank you to Carly Pearce for the inspiration to write this blog!

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