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God - The Creator & Guiding Light to Our Lives

Garrett Memorial Chapel

With current situations that are happening in my life right now, I’ve decided to pound my chest and point up to my father to thank him for everything that I’ve made it through. Me and God are truly the greatest team out there, even better than the New England Patriots! Whether I’m at a high point in my life or low point, God is always there to guide me through any situation. Below are just a few of the situations where God was with me to help me through my hardest & greatest times of my life. Without God, I wouldn’t be here to enjoy the beautiful life he created for me.


God had a plan for me and decided to put me on this Earth. I know my parents couldn’t be happier, and I’m damn glad I’m here as well. You have to remember that you were placed on this Earth for a reason, and God will guide you down that path. Although my months after birth were not easy with surgeries, I had the power of my Father to guide my along. As you can tell, I made it out pretty good!

3rd Grade

Well, not your typical third grade. The last day of school was my first seizure. I knew right away that God had my back because he allowed it to happen in the hallway where kids weren’t watching. I made it through the ambulance ride fine, even cracked a smile! The hospital stuff was just annoying, and God made me immune to all that when I was a little kid. God made me strong enough to go back to school the next day and suffer another seizure. With great friends and family, I made it through that day in a breeze! It’s simple; the hard journeys in your life will only make you stronger.

College Graduation

With four years of ups and downs, it was time for me to walk across that John Carroll stage! Those four years, I had a guiding light every day. I couldn’t have done it without my family or amazing friends. However, having the power of God on my side through the hard times is what made the four years easier. Now battling through the real world, I constantly look to God as my guiding light.

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