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Beat Your Disability With The "Let It Be" Mentality

John Carroll University Tower at Night

Battling a disability is a full time job whether you like it or not. It’s not a job you applied for, and it’s one most people never want. It may hurt us occasionally, but having a disability proves that we are stronger than others. If you do find yourself in times of trouble where you think you can’t fight anymore, just know that it’s all part of a plan to make you stronger. It may seem hard to comprehend this, but we just need to let everything be. Keep the fight going and know that every day you are getting stronger.

How do I know that this way of thinking will work? It’s simple, two of my closest friends who took this mentality in their fight against their disability.

My one friend who battled cancer for two years in college took this mentality while he had the fight of his life. He was able to enjoy his time with his friends before cancer beat him. Without his “Let it Be” mentality, he would have been stressing out over his fight with cancer. Instead, he was able to enjoy his time with his friends and family with less worry. He simply knew whatever happened was meant to be. #PatStrong

Livy is a cute energetic young girl that you wouldn’t even know was fighting a disability as she hides it so well. When you’re around her, she will brighten up your day no doubt. Her attitude towards life in my opinion is that she lets everything play out the way it was meant to happen. She has no real control over her disability like me. Once you realize you can’t control certain things in your life, you can help change other people’s lives for the better. Livy has done this in so many ways to so many people! #LivyRocks

I didn’t just pick “Let it Be” by The Beatles because it’s the song that Pat sang at John Carroll. But because it carries such an important message. You need to develop an attitude of letting everything play out the way it’s supposed to. Just “Let it Be” and don’t worry about things in your life that you can’t control. Go out and enjoy life with the people who make your life special!

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