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3 Keys to Living Your Life With a Disability

I Love Living Life Quote

You were given the challenge of a disability because you are one of the few that can handle it. Having a disability doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live your life the way you want to. It takes time to realize that your disability is one small aspect of your life and there are so many other amazing things out there that you should be enjoying. One of my favorite quotes that I listen to everyday is “You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough my friends.” Below are 3 keys that I have found very important to living your life to the fullest with a disability. Enjoy!

1) Family & Friends

This should come as no surprise. Having a strong relationship with your family and friends throughout your journey is crucial. They’ll be there through your hard and good times. We can always rely on our family no matter where we are; it’s always a phone call away. For kids going off to college, building that strong friend group early on will help you feel comfortable both in school and when you go out around campus. I was lucky enough to have such good friends that cared about me and my medical issues that they went the extra mile to make sure everything was okay with me if something didn’t look right. Keep your family and friends close to you because they’re the ones who will carry you through your battle.

2) Meditation

Being able to spend 30 minutes or an hour with just yourself is a great way to relax and relieve any stress you may have. I know for many disabilities, stress is one of the biggest triggers in causing episodes. I take time every night to put in my headphones and listen to music. It’s a way for me to relax and find better music of course! If you haven’t tried this tactic, I highly recommend doing it. It will quickly relieve any stress you have and take your mind off of major issues going on in your life. Go put in those headphones and enjoy some of your favorite music once you’re done reading this of course!

3) My Medical ID Wristband

Something that probably hasn’t come to anyone’s mind when thinking about what’s important when living with a disability. However, having a medical ID wristband gave me a sense of safety when I went out to the bars and parties in college. A lot of us have a fear of being in public and having an episode relating to our disability. Wearing a medical ID wristband allows people to identify what you have and what they need to do to make you better quick. It truly is a sense of

safety for people with disabilities. I personally recommend anyone going to college out of town to get one. It’s always better to be safe than sorry right?

We currently have a contest going on right now for a FREE medical ID wristband too! Get your sense of safety for free by signing up here!

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