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Why Friends Are Key to Your Disability Battle

Friends At Market Square

It was a cold winter night in Cleveland, Ohio. Everyone was in the dorm building hanging out except for one person; me. Sitting in my dorm room with my dad on one phone and the nurse on another. I was experiencing terrible seizures that haven’t occurred since elementary school. My dad was trying to keep me calm while I was getting instructions on what to do from the nurse. As time progressed, the seizures never let up and something happened that I will never forget.

While I was still on the phone with the nurse and my parents, my friend came to my room. He stayed in my room despite my conversations with everyone on the phones. He knew something wasn’t right and wanted to make sure I would be alright. After hours of battling these damn seizures, they finally subsided. However, what happened after is what everyone should keep in mind when living with epilepsy.

My friend, having spent a good hour with me in my room refused to let me sleep in my dorm room that night. He wanted to make sure that I would be alright throughout the night, and if anything bad happened he would be there. I spent the night in his dorm room feeling a sense of comfort knowing that my friends will do things like that for me. Despite having class in the morning, he cared more about my health and safety.

My friends and I have developed a bond so we can do stuff like that for one another. The lesson here is that when you share your epilepsy story with someone, they will help you in anyway possible. People will understand what you are going through and want to be by your side throughout your battle.

Thanks JCU friends!

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