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The Epilepsy Path We Never Look At Puts it All in Perspective

The Hard Way:

Let’s face it, the biggest and most fearful thing we learn the hard way is when we have our first seizure. Whether you’re born with seizures or they come into your life later, this experience is something not many go through. We must experience the tough times in order to become stronger and have the ability to inspire others. Our hard way is something we will never forget, and it sure changes our lives moving forward.

Read on a Page:

With 25 different epilepsy medications and a handful of new treatments, we constantly read about the latest trends on what can help our seizures go away. From EEG screens to pamphlets, the information comes in all forms. If you’re like me, you want stop looking for that possible cure!


Our roller coaster ride battling epilepsy will often have numerous heartbreaks. From doctors telling you that you’re not a candidate for a specific treatment to the physical harm a seizure puts us in. Our heartbreaks have nothing to do with love, but we remember these vivid times as stepping stones as we move on in our battle against epilepsy.

Coming With Age:

Experience, experience, experience. As you progress through your battle against your epilepsy you begin to understand how much stronger you are. Yes, we must adapt our way of life, but we have the ability to inspire so many as we continue to battle our epilepsy. I was scared as hell when I had my first seizure, but now I know how manage my epilepsy. It all comes with experience and adapting your life around your epilepsy.

None of It Comes Easy:

Well that’s for sure! Everything we go through on a daily basis doesn’t come easy. We ride a roller coaster every day that tests our mental and physical strength. The beauty about our ride is that it makes us stronger than the average person. From seizures to medical tests, not one thing has come easy for us in our fight. However, as we continue to battle we inspire those around us with our strength!

Some of It by Eric Church Album: Desperate Man, 2018

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