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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Epilepsy

Collage of Kid Spreading Epilepsy Awareness

Growing up as a little kid, I was absolutely preparing myself for being diagnosed with epilepsy. Well, I wish that statement was true. The truth is epilepsy is unpredictable for everyone. None of us can prepare for that day when we have that first seizure. Life changes forever when you hear the words “you have epilepsy.” However, despite epilepsy being unpredictable and life changing, we can use it for the good. I concluded that we have been given epilepsy because we are the few people that can persevere with it. I know I don’t let it hold me back and you shouldn’t either.

When I was diagnosed with epilepsy, a fork was stuck in the road and my direction in life changed. While I could have looked at all the negatives epilepsy had, I was raised to look at the positives. From day one I realized that I would have someone by my side every day. Whether it be a family member or friend, I could count on someone to be there for me. This is a key aspect in fighting epilepsy, and everyone has this positive. Like myself, you will have days where you need support and there’s no better feeling than knowing you have someone to count on whenever you might need that support.

While I already thought I was strong both mentally and physically, epilepsy tested that a few times. After years of seizures and going through different tests, I’ve learned that anyone with epilepsy is stronger both mentally and physically than a lot of other people. I would have friends stop by when I was in the hospital, and they got to see what my strength looked like when I wasn’t on medication. It takes a lot out of us when we have seizures and not a lot people understand that. What makes us special is that we have the strength to keep moving on day after day.

Having epilepsy gives us the power to inspire people every day. Since I started my blog in 2014, I’ve been both internationally and locally recognized for spreading epilepsy awareness. I’m grateful to have associations across the world publishing my blogs and posting them online. What I do is fun because I’m combining all my fun life experiences like traveling or playing sports and tying them with my epilepsy. Having epilepsy has taught me to take those mental photographs and capture those special moments (like playing golf with Green Day). Doing so has allowed me to write some great blogs!

Epilepsy is unpredictable, but in the end can be right if we use it to our advantage.

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