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Why I Love Proving People Wrong With My Epilepsy!

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Being an athlete, the term “underdog” was used a lot throughout my years playing sports. From golf tournaments to wrestling matches, I was by far the underdog in all of them. Most people would love to go into their respective sporting event the favorite. However, for me, I thrived as the underdog. It was the sense of proving people wrong and showing them that anyone can achieve anything. Yes, I lost a lot, but I also had my fair share of wins too. Proving people wrong is great in my opinion!

In the third grade, I quickly became an underdog in the game of life. Being diagnosed with epilepsy changed the way I lived my life. Aside from friends and family, people saw me as someone who can’t achieve more than they can because of my epilepsy. As I grew older, I thrived off that statement. With the help of doctors, medications, and family support I was able to prove so many people wrong.

Some people believe that if you have epilepsy you can’t go out and enjoy your life. Are you kidding me? Not only did I have fun times hanging out with friends in high school, I went away to college for the best four years of my life. I spent weekends downtown with friends who knew exactly what to do if I had a seizure. I would still go to bars despite not being able to drink. The best part about that is I never I had to pay for water or coke when my friends were dishing out $20 for alcohol! When you have friends who care about you, you absolutely can go out and enjoy your life!

With epilepsy you should take it easy on physical activities. While this may be true for some, I decided to prove these people wrong by a long shot. I could have settled for my main sport, which was golf, but I decided to add another one. I chose one of the toughest, most physical sports out there in wrestling. Should I have really done this? Probably not, but I took the risk and enjoyed every minute of it. It made me mentally tough to help me fight my seizures moving forward.

People judge those with epilepsy. Yes, that’s true, but what I proved them wrong in was how much stronger and inspiring I was. Other people do judge us at first, but they quickly realize how tough we are. Only 1 in 26 experience epilepsy, and we can use our strength to inspire so many people. So, while people may have judge me, I know that I either proved them wrong with my strength or inspiration.

Everything I did to prove these people wrong with you can do too. While everyone’s seizures are different, you can always find ways to prove people wrong with their stereotypes about us. Now, go out and prove everyone wrong PLEASE!

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