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Tackling Epilepsy Head On Featuring Brianna Edin

Epilepsy Advocate Interview Photo

Going through life we never know what to expect. Everyone hits speed-bumps through their journey. Battling epilepsy is a lifelong speed-bump that if we manage right can be used to inspire so many people. I had the pleasure to work and interview with someone who is doing just that. Brianna is a true definition of an epilepsy warrior and someone who is using their epilepsy to inspire others (including me)! I hope you take away as much as I did from this interview 😊

1) “Hey Brianna, can you give me a brief background on your epilepsy?”

Ten years ago when I was 16 I began having strange episodes where I would freeze in place, unable to speak or move. I was fully conscious but had no control over my body. After seeing several doctors I was diagnosed with complex migraines and put on medication. Although the medication successfully stopped these episodes, I never felt satisfied with the diagnosis.

In March of 2019 the episodes came back stronger. I was freezing most of the day for several days. I ended up being referred to an epilepsy clinic and was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. My seizures were triggered by having my son who just turned one. In addition to my freezes, I also have auras with strong feelings of Deja Vu and a feeling of being disconnected from reality, I feel like I am not actually awake or alive.

After my diagnosis I began researching and everything I read about partial seizures solidified that the doctors had it right this time. I had no idea that feeling like you are dreaming when you are awake could be a seizure. I thought everyone experienced that. I am overwhelmed by how little I knew about epilepsy before finding out that I have it. I thought the only type of seizures were grandmals. The more educated I become the more passionate I am about educating the general public and breaking down misconceptions.

2) “What was one of the most important lessons you learned having epilepsy?”

Accepting help does not make you weak. I have had countless people graciously offer to grocery shop for me or clean my house. I almost always say “thank you but it’s okay”. I turn them down because I am scared to be a burden. I worry they will get tired of my neediness. Now that I have a son I have had to get over myself and take the help. It is not safe for me to take care of him when I am having seizures and the better thing to do is to accept the help I have been offered.

3) “Can you give me one setback epilepsy gave you and how you overcame It?”

Some days I feel incredibly frustrated and depressed about my epilepsy. I feel hopeless because I cannot drive or work. I feel isolated because others don’t understand what I am going through. The best way for me to get out of this headspace is to go outward. I created my blog as an outlet to share my story and the stories of others. It makes me feel understood and less alone. I like to incorporate a sense of humor in my blog and on Instagram because laughing makes me feel good and happy.

Brianna is a special person when it comes to spreading epilepsy awareness and fighting seizures on her own. Can you follow Brianna’s footsteps?

Check out her website -->

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