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3 Reasons Why Asking for Help is Crucial When Battling Epilepsy

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Climbing the epilepsy mountain is an experience not many get to go through. It comes with both good and very rough days that tests our mental strength on a daily basis. We are blessed because of the epilepsy mountain we get a community so strong to help us through our battle. With that said, people need to realize that it’s okay to ask for help. I’m guilty of this, as many of you are too. Saying that you are doing fine won’t make you fine. Ask close family, friends or our community for help, we’re all here for you.

1) Asking Doesn’t Make You Weak

As I progressed through my epilepsy battle, I realized that asking for help doesn’t make you look weak. It actually makes you look stronger because you know when something isn’t right and you’re seeking out help. I would go to my friends in college numerous times if I didn’t feel something was right. Today, if I feel off, I’ll let someone know because I know it’s in my best interest for my epilepsy fight.

2) Ask Before Others Bring It Up to You

Being around people with epilepsy, I’ve been able to notice when they are having an off day. With that said, it’s better to just ask for help yourself than have someone come up to you and talk to you about it. Telling yourself you’re fine won’t make things better. People will still be able to pickup your body language and attitude, so please don’t be afraid to ask for help.

3) When You Ask, You Actually Do Feel Fine

When you do seek out help, you actually do feel fine. All those family members and friends you have provide you that sense of comfort when you don’t feel right. Whether you ask for help or if they notice it, they will be there for you through the rough days’ epilepsy gives us. A sense of comfort is a huge key in living with epilepsy so let those who provide it help you out. I know I sure do!

We will always live with a little fear inside of us because of our seizures. Don’t let that hold you back from living your life. Take advantage of your support system and our epilepsy community. We’re all here for you in your epilepsy fight!

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