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The Epilepsy Community's Thank You Letter To The Uber Team

Black SUV Parked On Driveway

Dear Uber Team,

I wanted to reach out to you as the voice of the epilepsy community. While the types of seizures may vary between individuals, the majority of people with epilepsy can’t drive. Our fight is one that not many people get to experience. Only we can relate to the physical and mental challenges that come with our seizures. On behalf of the entire epilepsy community, I wanted to express a few things about your company.

We greatly appreciate the services you provide people who can’t drive. Whether we need it for medical appointments or trips to friends’ houses, we can count on Uber. You have used technology to give riders easy access to drivers, and the ability to feel safe while in the car. We couldn’t be more excited for the new Uber rewards program that’s in place. It gives us a sense of comfort that we are receiving great rewards for all the trips we take. It’s a company like Uber that can help an entire disability community handle a setback they have.

It is my pleasure to thank you for all you do for the epilepsy community. Our challenges may hold us back from driving, but we know we can count on Uber. We look forward to taking more trips with your company soon!


The Epilepsy Community

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