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How To Live a Happy Life Despite Having Epilepsy

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Epilepsy, like anything in life comes with challenges. It's how you manage those challenges that will shape you for success moving forward. Aly, an epilepsy warrior has taught me so much in a little amount of time on shaping negatives into positives. Epilepsy may suck, but our journey will make our accomplishments in life feel so much sweeter. Aly is one inspirational epilepsy warrior that our entire community should look up to!

1) What's your background on your epilepsy?

I had my first grandmal seizure on July 31, 2018. It was my sisters birthday. I had been having myoclonic seizures for three years prior and I knew something was wrong, but I never got it checked out. I also have absent seizures.

2) What lessons have you learned while living with epilepsy?

I’ve learned that I’m not invincible no matter how much I would like to think that I am.

3) What advice do you have for those living with epilepsy?

It does suck and it’s not going away, but that’s what makes the small victories worth it. Even if it’s a day without shaking or not seizing or even going to the bathroom by yourself. Every victory counts as a win against epilepsy.

4) What's one thing you love to do that you won't let epilepsy hold you back from doing?

Concerts. I love going to concerts. I love the environment, loud music, lights. I’m sound and photosensitive so I can’t. We’re not sure why I was able to handle it before and not now; it’s probably because of my breakthrough seizure.

5) In one word, describe your epilepsy.

it’s rated-R, but it’s just shitty. I feel like I can buffer that one by saying it’s “sucky” or “bad” because those wouldn’t cover the emotions behind’s still fairly new to me because it’s only been a year, but I have evolved and grown with the disease. I’ve had good days, bad days, terrible, and everything in between. Regardless of the day, the medicines consume my much needed brain. And that’s just shitty when you’re a young, pre-med student who needs their brain to stay awake in class and have their memory work.

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