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Stay Humble & Take Your Time Climbing The Epilepsy Mountain

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This week has brought so many different emotions to me regarding epilepsy awareness it’s kind of crazy. However, when I was receiving all this amazing news and doing interviews I began to reflect on my past. I currently carry this reputation of being inspirational and strong in the epilepsy community, but that didn’t happen overnight. While I’m grateful for all that has happened, I’m still a work in progress and deal with epilepsy on a daily basis.

If you’re a football fan, you probably know Troy Aikman. When I was born, I decided to follow his footsteps and come out with club feet. After years of surgeries, I’m now able to do everything Troy Aikman can do except play in the NFL. During the surgeries, you could find me crawling on the floor with a rag in my mouth so I wouldn’t rip a hole in my shirt from the pain. I like to think these surgeries were the foundation of my strength moving forward.

Since club feet wasn’t enough, I decided to have a seizure in elementary school. It’s not fun waking up in an ambulance with EMT working on you! After a few more seizures at school, it was clear that epilepsy would be apart of my life moving forward. I knew that I would have to adapt my life around my epilepsy moving forward. However, I did not expect to get in a car crash due to my epilepsy and lose my epilepsy. This is all part of the epilepsy mountain that I plan to climb to the top.

I was raised at a very very young age to take on the challenges that come my way. Both of my parents taught me to always turn the negatives into positives. I was faced with challenges right out of the gate, and I learned to face them head on. Nothing comes easy in this world, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy my blog is internationally rated and I get to do interviews weekly. However, none of my work wouldn’t be possible without the challenges and mountains I face.

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