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Losing Your License At The Golf Course

Golf Hole View From Tee Box

I’ve spent plenty of time at the golf course throughout my years. From playing a round with my dad to high school matches, the list goes on and on. I obviously had plenty of good times and a few bad ones as well. Not in a million years would I have expected for a life-changing event to occur at my home course. No, I wasn’t offered a full ride to college :(

I would head to the driving range before every golf match to warm up during high school. It helped me forget all the stuff that went on during the day and get my mind focused on the match ahead. So, as normal I arrived to the range around 3:00. I felt pretty good, ready to enjoy my favorite sport as the afternoon carried on. I went through my normal routine fine tuning my swing and short game with the 45 minutes I had. I hit my last few shots and knew that it was going to be a great afternoon of golf; I thought.

After I put my clubs in my car and put on my country playlist, I began to pull out of my parking spot. It quickly became the place where I had my one and only seizure related accident. My parents came to help me along with the amazing staff, but I was devastated. More so because I couldn’t golf that afternoon, but then realized that I would be losing my license from that point on. In a way, it was meant to be. This is like my second home, and aside from scratching a few cars, I lucked out not being hurt as if I was on a major road.

After I gathered myself, I had to make the phone call to my coach saying I was in an accident and I couldn’t play that night. I honestly was more upset with that than losing my license. I bruised up my foot pretty well, but I was back on the golf course the next day! What I realized that next day at golf was something I will never forget; everyone is there for you. After my coach told the team, they were willing to step up and help me out. That was the definition of a team.

I’ve woke up at 5:30AM to play tournaments at this golf course creating memories that will be with me forever. However, thanks to something called epilepsy, I have a non-golf related memory there. Eight years without driving, and still going strong getting places whenever I want!

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