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Living With Epilepsy Sucks - No Filter

Epilepsy is like riding the waves on a jetski; you hit a patch of really calm waves, then all you see are those white caps ready to throw you around.. You hope to find those calm days when living with epilepsy, but you know for a fact that you will face some very hard times. For me, those bad times suck, but in a way help me so much moving forward.

Living with seizures that occur on a daily basis is never easy, but I’ve basically been able to “ignore” the small ones that occur here and there. The ones that actually worry me just a little bit (maybe my parents more) are my cluster seizures. If these do occur, I could have anywhere from 15-30 seizures within a few hours. Let’s make it clear that my seizures are partial, but still that’s a large number! I can’t control when they come, or at least I don’t think I can? While I can function fairly well after they hit, it’s still scary not being able to control anything.

Now let’s talk after effects. After I have one seizure you can find me running around and enjoying things like it never happened because I’ve trained my mind to act that way pretty much. However, after 30, you can find me on the couch sleeping with a migraine acting a little nervous. All those seizures wipe me out and give me a wicked migraine. Nervous? Yes, because I still don’t know if or when others are coming. One seizure is a lot different than having 30, and the after effects prove it.

Living with epilepsy is not easy unless there’s some magical pill out there. It knocks you down, but I haven’t and will never let it keep me down from doing work I love, playing sports, or doing other activities that I want to do to live my life to the fullest. Epilepsy is hard, but when you find that faith, it becomes easier to battle it.

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