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The Meaning Behind The Epilepsy Tattoo

Can you believe what we truly go through on a daily basis? Doctors appointments, medication, our seizures, just to name a few. This epilepsy mountain seems never ending not only for us but for our family and friends. However big the boulders are falling off the mountain, you have the support from your family, friends, and the epilepsy community. As I make my way up my mountain, I always keep three things in mind. I hope these help you too!

The Purple Ribbon Keeps Me Connected

I did not volunteer for epilepsy, it found me. As soon as I was diagnosed, I became a part of a community that is represented by a simple yet powerful purple ribbon. This ribbon reminds me that if I’m going through some tough times, or am a little confused, I know I have millions of people to reach out for help. I’ve done this so many times, and I can’t believe the connections this purple ribbon has provided. If you’re battling epilepsy, you have millions at your fingertips ready to help. Use it!


You’re probably really sick of hearing me talk about strength, right? Well, it’s a daily routine for me to know that I’m stronger than most whether physically or mentally. Not many people go through clusters of seizures that can add up to 25 in a few hours. It wipes you out and sucks, but it will never keep me down. Mentally, I just throw all my epilepsy stuff on my cousin for her pleasure ;). Please remember that epilepsy does suck, but you are stronger!

Religious Cross

You know I was born with clubbed feet so I thought that would be enough for my medical story. Little did I know that God was preparing me for something so much more. God gave me epilepsy because he knew I could handle it. He also had a plan of me helping others through my journey which I hope I’m doing good at. I know God is watching over everyday, and without his guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I hope this settles in with you throughout your epilepsy journey. They should have for me because they are tattooed on my shoulder as one! Stay strong.

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