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Don't Forget Who You Are Through Your Epilepsy Journey

Not Afraid To Say Epilepsy

Do any of you get in a period of time where you don’t seem to be yourself? Whether it’s at work, sports, or our personal lives, we all tend to get this once in a while. What shocked me was all it took was a song today to make me realize that I haven’t really been myself lately and it sucks to be honest. Normally I would put this at the end, but whatever you do, just be YOURSELF. Oh, and thanks to my brother for the song that gave me this awakening ;)

When I began writing for my readers it was based on personal experiences and off some of my favorite songs. As I went through my blogs within the last month or two, only a few were under those “guidelines”. Aside from all the amazing collaborations I’ve done, there weren’t many that struck me like my old ones. Why am I bringing this up? Because this was the foundation for me since I was sitting in my hospital room five years ago.

Aside from my blog, I’m pretty sure I have a few people that can attest to me second questioning things personally. I became more focused on other people rather on the person that counts the most; me. God sent me here for a reason, and that wasn’t to be focused on other people’s lives. What has been weird is that the most confident I’ve been outside of my job has been in medical appointments. Anyone want to explain that to me?

The most important person in this world is you. So, whether it’s on social media or in your personal life, remember the only thing that matters is what you think is best for you. Maybe you began focusing on others like I did; and now from personal experience, I can tell you to stop. All it took for me was A Boogie Wit da Hoodie “Look Back At It” (2018) song to show me what was happening to me.

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