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Desperate Man Back At It Spreading Epilepsy Awareness

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged, or even posted on social media in quite some time. So much has been changing for me lately, even my seizures. What drew me back was the motivation to continue to spread epilepsy awareness. It only takes one person at a time to inspire others to share their story and influence thousands.

Over the past few months, it was a combination of working on my house, heading to the lake, doing that AMAZING new job I started, and making a few doctor appointments. A lot of good stuff, but what has stuck out the most has been the steps taken through my epilepsy journey. I’m happy to say that I (and my parents) got

myself off two medications, and it’s going as planned. “Trust the process” - it’s a grind every day but you have to respect your ultimate goal however big or small it may be.

After encountering a few instances with people regarding epilepsy, I quickly realized it was time for me to come back and help spread epilepsy awareness in any form I can. Every night as I scroll through social media, there seems to be less and less focus on epilepsy warrior strength. If you are putting in the fight each day against your epilepsy, it’s time to let it be known! This doesn’t mean you have to go out and post stuff on social media, but rather be a spark inside you to help others battling epilepsy. Lend a hand if you can in any way you can; support group, private message someone, ideas are endless! Once you build up that confidence, I know from experience that you will meet some amazing people <3

Please remember that every epilepsy is unique. Some have to battle large seizures while some, like myself, deal with smaller ones. We all deal with them differently too; some don’t like talking about them while others embrace their epilepsy journey. Stay strong epilepsy warriors!


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