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Fighting Your Disability With Faith, Love & Freedom

American Flag by Lake

Have you grasped that you are 1 of 7.6 billion people on this Earth? Every person is unique and provides this world with talents and gifts only they have. From the day you’re born you are creating memories that will stick with you forever and be passed down generation to generation. We all have challenges that we must

overcome, some much bigger than others. But why change who you are and the path you’re on? Because of a disability? You’re stronger than that. With Faith, Love and Freedom anything is possible. Trust me :)


Ever have that rough day where you seem like you can’t battle your disability anymore? Your faith is there to take control and get you through that rough day. Without faith, no one would believe that yes you can a year seizure free or yes there is a cure for this disability. Faith is one of the strongest attributes someone can have. If you have faith in what you’re doing, you will be unstoppable. Please keep the faith!


Your family is with you through the good and bad times, and will always love you no matter what. From hundreds of doctors’ appointments to week long hospital visits, my family and friends have shown me the true meaning of love. When times get rough, I can always count on my family and friends to give me a lift. I know that all of you reading this have that special person or family member that can give you that lift when you need it too. Love keeps us going strong and able to fight our battle.


Do you realize that we’re all free? We’re able to do so much to achieve our goals and dreams. We may have a disability, but there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a dream you want to achieve. Figure out that dream, see that vision of achieving it, and hold that faith all the way to the end. Don’t confine yourself to anything even with a disability. Go live freely, and have fun!

“To the things, I believe in

My faith, your love, our freedom

To the things I can count on

To keep me going strong

Yeah I hold on, I hold on

Like the stripes to the flag

Like a boy to his dad

I can't change who I am, right or wrong

So I hold on”

  • Dierks Bentley


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