Gaining Confidence to Manage Your Epilepsy With Neuropace RNS System

When that first sign of epilepsy hits, we’re not prepared for what lies ahead for us. The truth is, epilepsy is a roller coaster ride that is not that much fun to ride. With your mental and physical strength tested daily, you probably wish that roller coaster would slow down. A very good friend of mine, Martha Brody, has tackled her epilepsy head on all within the past two years. I’ve never seen someone battle their epilepsy so hard and use it to their advantage by spreading awareness. Being around and talking with her, I know that the Neuropace RNS System has given her the confidence to face her epilepsy head on. She’s an inspiration to me, and I know she will be to you too!

If you’re a candidate for the RNS System, there are always a few things you should know about before and after getting the device while discussing it with your doctor. I asked Martha based on her personal experiences what you should prepare for when getting the RNS System and she gave me a few good points.

The RNS System is a huge step in getting your seizures reduced and Martha had this to say about the positives of getting the device:

  • “Excitement over what this can do for you. The possibility of having your seizures be shorter, less intense, maybe even stopped. My doctors said they didn’t expect me to be seizure free and I would still need to be on meds, but my seizures would most likely be less frequent and less intense.”

  • “You’ll be a cyborg and maybe even get a superpower or two."

While having the RNS System is a big step in reducing your seizures, there are always a few cons like anything in life.

  • “It’s possible that you’ll have headaches after, but not likely. I had a craniotomy, but I haven’t heard about other people who only have the RNS System having any.”

  • “It could take time for the RNS System to be adjusted to help you. For the first month it isn’t turned on but is only collecting data. I was seizure free the first nine months I had the neuropace but then had two grandmals in March. So, it felt like a setback, but like I said it takes time to find the right settings.”

After getting the RNS System, you will get a huge sense of confidence while living with your seizures. I’ve seen it with Martha, and she touched on it when I asked her about it.

  • “I am still taking meds, but the RNS System makes me know I have a “backup” in case the meds don’t control my seizures (which obviously they don’t because I have the neuropace). I do still have a little fear in the back of my mind, and I think I always will, but it’s a smaller amount than what I used to have.”

  • "As previously mentioned, I have a new confidence that this will work as a backup should my meds not work. I’m able to go out and be with people and not worry as much about having a seizure. But if I do have one, it will suck but it’s not an emergency and my friends know how to take care of me. “

When I’m out or working with Martha, I can see that she gained confidence from the RNS System. There were a few times when Martha felt off when I was around her. There was no panic or worry in her eyes.

As a friend, it’s comforting to know that she has a device that’s working well to control her seizures.

Martha has been an inspiration to so many throughout the nation spreading epilepsy awareness. I know for a fact that the RNS System has played a huge role in it too. She has combined her NeuroPace story with her passion to inspire the epilepsy community, and I can see it paying off. If you get a chance to meet Martha, I can guarantee you that you won’t forget her because of her amazing attitude!

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