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How 3 People Found Ways to Succeed Despite Challenges

People always ask us where you see yourself in 3, 5 even 10 years from now. For some of us it’s clear as can be, and for others it’s a "living in the moment" mentality. No matter what your outlook is, I want you to make sure that you know that life will throw you a challenge and probably another one following. No path to success comes easy. Two people close to me have shown how tough different situations are, but they continue to stay on their path to success.

Epilepsy Awareness Day Speaker


Nothing came easy for me right from the beginning. Born with clubbed feet, I was immediately sent to the OR after birth. A few surgeries would come later and end when I was in high school. These surgeries tested my pain threshold and ultimately gave me the mentality that I could withstand anything. It’s a good thing these surgeries happened early because they prepared me well for my seizures. Epilepsy is one big roller coaster that isn’t fun to ride. Even though I was put through these tough situations, I came out of them with a new attitude on life. You need to live in the moment, and don’t take ANYTHING for granted. Don’t settle for what you have, keep pushing forward to achieve more. I was born with this attitude!

Little League Baseball Shortstop


My brother is the athlete in our family. A three sport athlete, he has everything going for him. But it did not come easy at all. He’s overcome broken noses, teeth and hand injuries to continue playing at the level is at now. Not many high school athletes would continue playing baseball or football after having a shock attack on the field after taking a shot to the face. My brother is weird; he wants to come off lazy but he’s actually one of the hardest working individuals you’ll meet or see. His dreams are big and I have no doubt he’ll get there.


My sister is one of the most genuine and caring people you’ll ever meet. Like myself, my sister went through a few surgeries when she was a young girl. She quickly developed that “Bring it on” attitude when she grew up. Nothing was going to hold her back. Bad professors at school, she’ll outsmart them. Tough competition in the gymnastics gym, she would always be in the front. My not so little sister has grown up with the attitude that I have goals in my life, and I will do anything to achieve them. If you step in her way, please watch out!


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