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How To Live Your Life With Your Disability

Life Your Life To The Fullest Quote

Don’t you wish that someone could have told you that you would have epilepsy in your life before it happened? I sure would have liked that notification. But just because this epilepsy challenge came into our lives doesn’t mean that we can’t live our lives the way we want too. Yes, we must adapt in certain situations, but nothing can hold us back. You don’t know what you truly enjoy until you try it.


If you’re in school and are battling epilepsy, please remember one thing; these are the best times of your life. Find that friend group and make sure you tell them about your epilepsy background. I regret not telling my friends in high school about my epilepsy. In college I told my story and it opened so many doors! Having friends that know about your epilepsy will allow you to go out and enjoy these great times whether at school, parties or playing sports. Adapt to certain situations if you need too, but don’t let your epilepsy hold you back from enjoying your Good Old Days!


Being an adult with epilepsy is tough on all levels, but we can’t let it effect our way of life too much. From work to family, there is a lot that can pile up. Adults with epilepsy need to realize that you are some of the strongest people out there. For years you have battled a disability that not many have. There’s no reason for you to worry about your epilepsy at work or at home because you can’t control anything. Be strong for the people you love and an inspiration for others around you.

Parents of Someone with Epilepsy:

Being a parent of someone with epilepsy is something you can’t prepare for. From seeing your kid have a seizure to long hospital visits, it’s a battle just you too. My parents have done a darn great job with me since having my first seizure. They give me the support, love and care when I need it. I’ve put them through pretty tough tests and they’ve passed them all. As a parent, provide your kid with love, support and care when they need it. Help make their life a little less stressful and show them that they can do anything despite their seizures.


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