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Knowing Your Limitations While Living With Epilepsy

Limitations, we all have them whether we’re living with epilepsy or not. As we get older we tend to understand what our personal restrictions are. Living with epilepsy does bring a little more limitations, but by no means does that mean you have to avoid doing things you love. Throughout my years living with epilepsy I’ve tested my limits and continue to every day. Limitations are good, but they do not have to hold you back from living your life.

“Make sure you stay around here when you head out.” This is one of many limitations I have that my dad put in place when I take the jetski out. At first, I was upset, but now I understand why he wants me close by. I’ve had many close calls on the jetski, but nothing like what happened last year. In early spring, I took the jetski out. With no boats on the lake I decided to go for a nice cruise away from our cottage. What could be better than enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake from the jetski? I was enjoying every minute of it until a few waves knocked me off. I thought okay I’ve fallen off before so I will just get back on, no big deal. However, the way I fell off had me too far from the jetski to swim after it. I was in the 50 degree water for about 15 minutes until someone on shore came and helped me. Although I didn’t have any seizures through this, it made me realize that I could have and it would have been tragic. It’s important to know your safety limitations.

“Don’t swim without one of us here.” Another one of my dad’s favorite limitations. This one made total sense right from the beginning, but can be frustrating. Yes, you always want someone there to watch you while you’re in the water, but if you just want to jump off the dock once, it’s a little inconvenient. However, like anything, you need to make the best of it. I found that I could use this as a way to drag my siblings, cousins, or friends into the water with me. If I need someone to watch me swim, they’re definitely coming in with me! Some limitations are common sense, but you can also have fun with them.

“I think it’s time to give up snowmobiling.” This unfortunately was said by me. Since I was a little kid, I loved to snowmobile. Whether it was in the backyard or on the groomed trails. It was a few years ago when I realized that snowmobiling on the trails wasn’t going to be in my best interest anymore. If I was to have a seizure on those narrow trails, I would fly over the handlebars and hit a tree easy. Just because I gave up driving a snowmobile doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy it. I still go with my cousins and dad as the passenger. If I really have the urge to drive, we’ll find an open area of beautiful fluffy snow for me to tear up! Some limitations you find out yourself from experience, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying it.

These are just a few of my top limitations. As you can see, it’s both other people and myself that create these restrictions. However, I still enjoy all of these activities maybe even more than before. Know your limitations, but don’t let them take away the things you love to do.


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