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Life Moves Fast, Treasure Every Precious Moment.

Newport Beach Pier in California

At one point in time or another, we have wished time would fly by. After listening to “Fast” by Luke Bryan, it really got me wondering why we wish our life away when we have precious time to make memories that will last a lifetime?

As kids, we all want life to go by fast. Kids want special events such as their birthday, Christmas, school year and to go around quick, which means summer is right around the corner, and many more events. It’s understandable because as kids, we strive for that freedom of driving on our own and for college to come quick, which also permits our freedom and flexibility. The main thing that is important is that everyone’s freedoms come at the same time. So, why not tell your kids to soak in every minute of every day to create the best memories they can? We always hear the phrase “go out and be a kid.” It’s true, that one should be a kid, cherish moments, and make memories with friends you will have forever!

College is a time when 60 seconds feels like 30 seconds. My college friends can attest to this for sure! Luke Bryan’s “Fast” explains this perfectly. These four years of college are the best years of your life, and as much as I hate to say it, these college years will fly by! In college, it is imperative to broaden your horizons and do things you would not normally do to create memories of a lifetime. While in college, I have met my best friends, and I have plenty of memories that will be with me for the rest of my life! To anyone nervous or afraid to move on to college, my biggest advice is to enjoy these four years, make new friends and soak in every moment you can!

After college is when every day has "the 60 seconds feels like 30 seconds feeling." Times are different and you now have to balance work with a personal life, but you also need to remember that you only live this life once. Spend as much time as you can with your family, and create memories that will be with you forever. Continue to spend time with friends from college or back home, and create more memories that you can share with each other further down the road. Life will fly by as Luke Bryan mentions in “Fast," but, it is your job to create the precious moments and memories that will stick with you forever by taking advantage of many opportunities as you can!


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