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Ride Along With Me On Not Being Able To Drive

There’s no doubt that turning 16 and beginning the process of getting your driver's license is a milestone in anyone’s life. For the majority of people, after taking their drivers test, they become another driver on the road. Fortunately, I was able to go through that process, but it was a different experience afterwards. Those battling epilepsy, either have to miss this milestone or have a much different experience following their drivers test.

When I turned 16, I was that typical young adult ready to be on the road. After going through the class and passing my drivers test the first time, I was that new driver on the road. While I was super excited, it was only a year and a half later when all that went away. After going through my routine for preparing for my golf match, I got in my car ready to head off to the course. Little did I know that again my life would change in a matter of minutes. It was then when I had a seizure that caused me to hit one car, two golf carts, and nearly one of the biggest pine trees on the course. As you probably can tell by now, this revoked my license.

Devastating? Yes. However, throughout my college years I began researching and using services that would prepare me for the working world ahead. From taking taxis to the bus station and limos from the airport, I was researching all my options. I quickly realized taxis were not reliable and limos were too expensive. This is when Uber became a huge part of my life. I began using it as much as I could before I graduated, so I knew how it worked and different ins and outs for when I needed it in the real world.

Commuting to work now is a challenge, obviously. However, after using Uber for so long, I quickly found ways to get to work as well as social events all while saving a ton of money. Whether it’s talking with the drivers to negotiate rides or using Uber rewards, there’s always ways to save money if you do research along with trial and error. For those who may not be able to drive, I recommend Uber over any other transportation service. Here’s why:

  • It’s reliable and more convenient

  • If you push yourself to communicate, you can network to negotiate rides

  • The safety measures they have put in place are better than taxis and public transportation

  • Uber rewards program help save riders a good amount of money

Not being able to drive isn’t fun, but in today’s society, more people aren’t driving. Ride sharing services are becoming the new norm for cities and those like us. Before you know it, self-driving cars will be here too!


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