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The Power of Living With A Disability

You Have Power Over Your Mind

When you think of power what comes to mind? The president, your teachers or boss, etc.? For many of us, these type of people relate to power and in relation do have power. But, did you know that people with disabilities have enormous power too? Yeah you heard that right; you have enormous amounts of power inside you!


Having a disability is a challenge like no other, and something we battle everyday. Because of our fight against our disability, we have the power to inspire as many people in the world as we want. Whether it’s five or five-thousand people, we have the power and ability to touch so many people’s hearts. One of the quotes I love is “if you’re not helping others become the best they can be, you’re not living right.” Having a disability allows us to fulfill that quote easier than other people because of our continued battle against our disability. We truly have the power inside us to touch so many lives, and help others become the best they can be. I’m praying to God that my power of writing right now is helping you see this!


Singers put on entertaining concerts night after night, and a lot of us think only people like him can be entertaining. Again, people with disabilities have the power to be entertaining too! Whether it’s in a fun or jokingly way. I’ve met kids with disabilities that have lit up rooms with their smile and fun attitude despite their disability. They know they have the power of attention when they walk into the room, and can make anyone smile with their attitude. On another note, people with disabilities have the power to pull of great jokes IF THEY CHOOSE TO. I personally have played jokes on my closest friends with my epilepsy! Keep in mind that when I did these jokes, these were my best friends and I knew I could have fun with them. Bring some entertainment to the room with your disability will ya?!

As you can see, people with disabilities have enormous amounts of power. We don’t need money or status to get our power, just a challenge no other person can handle. Now please be careful with all this power, you never know what may happen haha!


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