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What A Young Friend of Ours Taught Me About Disabilities

Inspirational Disability Quote

It was a typical Sunday morning spent at mass; listening to the readings and congratulating the young kids who were making their first communion. But there was one thing that caught my eye this week, and that was a family friend of ours. Sitting a few pews in front of us, she would be looking back at my brother and I occasionally. This young girl is the biggest fighter I’ve ever seen. I know that I talk about my epilepsy a lot on here, but she surpasses my fight by far. It made be happy seeing how many people behind her praised her by smiling and waving at her. Walking up to receive communion, I hear her ask “who’s that,” and “is that Nick?” I know she asks my sister questions over FaceTime too! These questions made me think about all of us fighting a disability (challenge) in our lives.

Jeff Hoffman, the founder of told our entrepreneurship club that Priceline was founded based on his young daughter always asking questions. People constantly ask questions, but why don’t they ask themselves the question; “what challenge is that person battling?” Everyone has a challenge in their life. If we ask ourselves what challenge some else is battling, it will remind us that it’s not just us with tough road blocks. I know that if people ask themselves what battle I’m facing, or our young family friend, they would rethink their impression of us.

In conclusion, when you’re out, ask yourself what battle do you think that person is facing. Everyone has a battle, and yes some are bigger than yours. People will judge you, but remember that they don’t know your background. You could have five times the fight in you than them! Our friend has five times the fight in her than I do! I give her so much credit, and her family has been by her side the entire way.


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