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Life is Too Precious for Stress - Live Your Life!

Kid On Jetski At The Lake

I could easily be laying out here thinking about all the worries in my life; work, health etc. But instead of worrying about all the stress in my life, I’m laying here thinking about what a beautiful day today is. Life is too precious to worry about anything. Everyone develops stress throughout their lifetime, but only a handful can successfully manage it. I DON’T want you to stress about anything in your life, so I hope my pointers help you. Please don’t stress over stupid things!


Whether it’s Country, Rock, Pop etc. music can cure almost anything (I’m serious). I find time every day to put everything aside and listen to my playlist. It clears my mind and in some cases gives me adrenaline to push forward with things I may be facing. I’m telling you that if you want to calm yourself down, take a few minutes and put your headphones in. Music finds a way to calm us d

own and it has worked for me for years now. Without Eric Church I wouldn’t have made it through my brain surgery 😉

30 Minute Break

Yes, I just told you to take a 30 minute break! Our lifestyles today are so fast-paced that we never take a step back and just relax for a few minutes. Taking 30 minutes to be with yourself is key to calming yourself down, and it makes you realize how much stress you can actually handle. After work or before bed, take 30 minutes to be with yourself and relieve that stress from you.


The biggest key to managing any stress is knowing what problems to actually worry about. Disabilities, natural disasters, the future, etc. we cannot control, so why worry about them. If you need to worry about something, it should be something you can control. A lot of our stress is not necessary, and we need to find a way to forget about those stupid issues we’re worrying about.

Take 30 minutes to listen to music and prioritize your to-do lists and you’ll begin to feel less stressed (I hope 😊)! Comment below with any tips you may have from your own experiences!

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