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Into The Epilepsy Fire As A New Patient

When you’re first diagnosed with epilepsy, it truly has that feeling of you heading into the fire. You don’t know what to expect when your next seizure will happen, or how many people will be affected by your epilepsy. It’s a scary feeling that I and plenty of others have experienced. It’s important to know that as you make your way throughout your epilepsy journey, the majority of your questions (and more) will be answered.

“Strength Give Us Strength”

To those newly diagnosed, and those who need a reminder, your strength is one of your biggest assets when climbing your epilepsy mountain. Before, during, and after every seizure you have, you show an enormous amount of strength. Dive a little bit deeper, and you bring that strength to all your doctor appointments, medicine changes, and any surgery you may have. This strength is a way to bring more inspiration to those around you. Not many go through what we go through, so embrace it and help others gain your strength.

“Faith Give Us Faith”

You will quickly learn that everything that you battle daily can’t be done without faith. From time spent in the hospital to recovering from a seizure, having the faith you can overcome your challenge will be a key factor as you move on throughout your epilepsy journey. Let your faith spread and help others with whatever they may be facing. Who knows, someone may get a tattoo that says “Faith” because of you? Keep the faith from day one and know with faith all things can be done.

“Love Give Us Love”

Epilepsy doesn’t just affect you, it affects a lot of people around you. If you’re like me, your epilepsy can and will bring you closer to your family and friends. Your family is your number-one support system. When they aren’t around, your friends will be right there for you. Everyone is different, but enjoy your time with your friends. Don’t let it all be about your epilepsy. Your friends will love you no matter what even if you happen to fall at the bar because of a seizure (first-hand experience).

Being diagnosed with epilepsy is a challenge. Take it one day at a time and your scary fire situation will become less painful and maybe a bit enjoyable if you like to inspire others!

* "Into The Fire" by Bruce Springsteen


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