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The Misunderstandings Of Having Epilepsy

A common situation for people with a chronic illness such as epilepsy in my case is a misunderstanding. There are many different types of attacks. Some are more visible than others. After all, not everyone with epilepsy suffers from their seizures in the same situation. This is how it usually manifests itself in my rest period (usually at home). But one thing most people with epilepsy have in common is that we look like healthy people, you don't see/notice someone with this chronic condition until we have an epileptic seizure.

Living with epilepsy can be an emotional, difficult and lonely reality. Psychologically, emotionally or physically. It is often difficult to explain to the environment how you feel. Because the definition of feeling good can be very different for us than for healthy people. And especially if you don't understand it yourself. After all, nobody realizes that you are sick at all. But still, I participate in life and make the best of it. But sometimes life is just a little harder for me than when I was healthy.

Guilt and shame quickly come into play because a lot is expected of you in today's society. Running along is only made more difficult by our invisible complaints. Think of the side effects of our medication, concentration and/or memory problems, fatigue, learning difficulties, sluggishness, and insecurity. I haven't even listed all the complaints yet.

We take medication to control epilepsy. Then you would think: The problem has been solved, right? Maybe for some, but not for all of us. This can differ per person and even per day. Complaints come and go or are present in the background.

How could you help someone with epilepsy? By offering a listening ear, or by showing understanding and accepting them as they are.

Epilepsy is just part of me. It's part of my life. It belongs to reality. And this is for anyone who has epilepsy.


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