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A Thoughtful Letter to My Good Friend Epilepsy

Pen & Notepad on Table

Dear Epilepsy,

You’re a friend of mine that has been around for quite some time now. Throughout the years, you have been one crazy, inspirational, stupid, and positive friend. You have taught me more about life than almost any other person in my life. From being knocked down by you literally to helping others who have friends like you, I couldn’t have gone through it without you. As much as I may have hated you at times, I will always appreciate you!

I was cruising through the third grade with amazing friends and teachers. Life was great; hanging with friends, playing golf, and a little school in there too. My friends and I were super excited as the school year was ending. While enjoying school and all my other activities, a new friend came into my life; you. Your first impression to me and my family was “what the heck.” You scared everyone I knew in a matter of minutes. What we didn’t know was how beneficial you would become later in my life.

While we didn’t see much of each other in middle school and high school, you came back in my life during college. You gave me experiences I will never forget in those four years. I had to introduce you to my friends, and that was truly one of the best things ever. My friends really cared about you, so thank you for that. However, I didn’t appreciate

the late nights battling you. While I had support, battling you is on me. Because of you, I started a blog that has been internationally recognized and gave me a community service award. Having you in college was a big roller coaster ride for sure.

You are still by my side now allowing me to share my experiences with others on how to battle and live with you. Although you managed to take away some major things from me, you are still in my life. I look forward to the many years to come, and hope we can fewer battles with each other!


Kyle Kieffer

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