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Bringing Positive Vibes to the Epilepsy Battle

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We always hear that life is full of challenges. You never know what’s going to happen next in your life whether you’re an adult or kid. Being diagnosed with epilepsy is a change in your life. It doesn’t just affect you, but the family and friends you love. Despite when your seizures come into your life, no one can prepare you for them. Epilepsy is truly something you must adapt to everyday of your life. As much as you might hate having seizures, there are some positives to having them. I along with two other advocates for epilepsy have laid out some positives we see in having epilepsy. The battle may be hard, but there are always positives in everything we do in life. Keep climbing that mountain!

Kyle – “You may not realize it, but you are stronger than most people you interact with daily. Epilepsy tests both your mental and physical mentality every day. Not many people can say that the mountain they climb gives them this test. Going hand in hand with strength is the ability to inspire people. Whether you realize it or not, people see what we are going through and are inspired by it. It doesn’t get much easier than that to inspire others, trust me! Your epilepsy is making you stronger every day and gives you the opportunity to inspire others.”

Saaim – “When battling the epilepsy mountain, there are a few important things you learn along the way. Whether you were born with it or the seizures developed later in life, you find out who your true friends are. These friends are the ones who are by your side when an emergency may come up, or when you just need that person to talk to after a rough day battling your seizures. Family and friends are one of the most important factors in climbing the epilepsy mountain. If you’re like me, you may get tired a lot. I love to be able to play the “epilepsy card” and use it as an excuse to not do something! Find those true friends and enjoy those benefits epilepsy can give you.”

Martha – “Having epilepsy has taught me so much throughout the years. I have learned to appreciate my life more; from work to being with friends and family. You have to realize that with epilepsy, anything can happen at any point. I have learned not to let my seizures hold me back in anything I do. From rock canyoneering to solo traveling, my seizures will not hold me back. Like Saaim, I also found out who my true friends are, and how many people care about me. Epilepsy is a roller coaster ride and having people by your side who care about you is a true sense of comfort. Having epilepsy has shown me what my true passion is in life, and I look forward to pursuing my passion for inspiring people with epilepsy.”

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