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What People Think of Those With Epilepsy

Text Messages From Kids To Those With Epilepsy

When we hear that we've been diagnosed with epilepsy, the majority of us begin to fear what may happen down the road. We think that people are going to judge us in a negative way, and our lives won't be as good. Well, thanks to some people I reached out to, you now know what people first thought when they heard I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Enjoy :)

"I think my impression was basically just fear and how scary it must have been and being scared that it would happen again or happen to me. I wasn’t there to see it and I would have been freaking out if I was" - Allison

"To be honest I had no idea you still had them until I saw it at your house, I had always seen my sister have seizures and I thought that there was no way you would have them too but it was totally shocking, one second it was totally fine and we were having a conversation then like the flip of a switch you had one and it was scary as hell" - Hunter

"When I found out - I was sad at first and researched some information and then gave your mom ideas of how you could drive etc. Now, I know that it is apart of your life and you're doing your best to send awareness to others ! I think you're very brave!" - Jess

"When I discovered my friend suffered from seizures, my first instinct was to learn more about what that actually entailed. Previously, all I’ve known is what I’ve seen on television shows and movies, which were not accurate depictions. Learning more about the condition caused me to have a whole new level of respect for those who suffer from them, and made me curious as to what’s being done to fight against them. Hopefully, through more awareness and education, life will get easier for people suffering from seizures." - Brian

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