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Diving Head First to Take On My Epilepsy

View of Sunset At Lake

What a Time to Be Living Life!

I was cruising through the third grade enjoying my time in school and time with friends. I was learning a lot and building friendships that would continue throughout high school. It seemed like this time of my life was amazing. Between school and then golf in the summer, everything was going great!

Just When I Thought I Was in The Clear

After years of previous surgeries, I thought my medical issues were done. Little did I know that this would all change in a matter of minutes in a time where I thought everything was going great. As I was walking down the hallway in school, I experienced my first grandmal seizure. I remember waking up in the ambulance with my third-grade teacher in the front and the EMT doing tests on me. When I got to the hospital, I was greeted by my family and a few friends. After hours of testing, it was official that I had my first of many seizures. This day will stick with me forever as it changed my life for the years to come.

Give Me the Answers

After having a few more seizures, my family and I wanted answers. Throughout my high school and college years I spent numerous weeks in the hospital having SEEG’s done. It’s a scary few weeks as you come off your medication and are geared towards having grandmal seizures. You can ask my parents how they felt when they saw me have my big seizures again. Spoiler alert; they weren’t too thrilled. The best part about all this is you find out the best option for treatment moving forward. After completing two of these tests, it became clear that my only option was medication. While it wasn’t the best news, at least I got the answers I was looking for.

I’m Diving Into The Deep End

After my first seizure, it was like I jumped head first into the deep end of the lake not knowing how to swim. Throughout the years, I’ve learned how to manage my epilepsy and stay a float in the deep end. Now, my epilepsy is second nature and I know that no one can stop me when it comes to fighting my battle with my seizures. It took years to figure out, but I stayed true to the saying “trust the process” and it has worked. Stay patient and keep the faith!

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