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What The Epilepsy Ribbon Means To Me

Epilepsy Ribbon Tattoo on Shoulder

Okay, you’re probably sick of me saying how epilepsy is such a wild roller coaster ride, but hey, it’s the truth. What comes with having epilepsy is that beautiful purple ribbon. It resembles all that we go through, from our first seizure to finding those supportive friends. Epilepsy is something no one wants to battle, but those who have it should take a moment to see exactly what that purple ribbon resembles. It’s important, and will give you some faith moving forward.

1. Strength

Nothing prepares you for a life with epilepsy. How is a nine year old supposed to forget the day when he put his school on lockdown when he had a seizure? How are you not supposed to get scared when you have a seizure right before a wrestling match? A seizure while driving is pretty scary too. I listed just a few things that have made me a stronger person to this day whether people see it or not. On a day to day basis I deal with seizures, but only a handful of people realize it. I’ve learned how to manage and deal with my seizures because of these “strength” experiences.

2. Support

When I was in the hospital after my first seizure, I quickly realized that this affected way more people than just me. As I moved on in my journey, it became clear that with epilepsy comes great support. From family members to friends, they are always there for you. Whether it’s midnight phone calls determining if I should head to the hospital or just friends being there for you when hanging out. It was crucial for me to open up about my epilepsy, and when I did, so many doors opened. Family, friends, epilepsy community, local associations, I can go on and on about all the support that ribbon carries.

3. Patience

It’s been 15 years now, and I have realized that patience is key in battling epilepsy. It takes time to find that right doctor, get the proper tests done, research treatments, and oh did I mention that technology advances everyday? Patience is required in all aspects of our journey; especially waiting rooms in doctors offices ;). No cure happens overnight, and change can be a good thing. It has taken me years to realize that with a little help from other people, but it was great advice!

4. Faith

I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have faith. If things are rough, having faith that you can get through it is what will end up getting you through it. From going through five surgeries, the SEEG, and seizures in general, faith is a must-have on a daily basis. My family carries that faith just as much as I do because they know how important it truly is. Keep the faith that things will get better!

The list could go on and on, but I want to keep it shorter for you to read! Epilepsy may be hard to live with, but that purple ribbon represents so much.

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