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It's Not What You Have, It's What You're Doing

Disability Blog Motivation

I can guarantee that at some point today you thought about why you were given the disability you have. Every one of us has that thought, and we never find the answer. With the help of a little friend of ours I’ve developed a new way of going about my life. It’s not what disability you have, it’s what you’re doing with it to inspire others. We will NEVER find the answer to why we were given our disability, but we can control what we do to inspire others.

This past weekend we threw a small going away to college party for my sister and her friend. That night I wasn’t feeling well at all; stomach ache and plain out tired. Despite not feeling well, one thing made me come down stairs and enjoy the party; one of the siblings of my sister’s friend. She battles challenges much greater than mine and she does it with a smile every day! After scaring her coming down the stairs, she brightened me up by asking “Kyle you feeling okay?” Just the way she said it made my sister and I laugh! She continued to make everyone at the party laugh and enjoy their time with her fun attitude and crazy young humor. By the end of the party we were taking pictures like the one above per her request! She was simply the life of the party.

It’s people like this who make the most of their life despite what challenges they’re facing. She could easily be more focused on her challenges, but instead she wants to make as many people laugh as she can! I’m trying my best to keep up with her inspiring others through my blog, but she’s so young I don’t know if it will be a competition!

Conclusion: Take the challenge you were given and find a way to inspire others. All it takes is a simple word to open someone’s heart.


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