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Living Your Life In Today's Society - Think Positive!

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In a world full of negativity, we tend to forget about the good things that are happening in our lives. We need to realize that we were given the gift of life. We may be surrounded by negative media regarding politics, local news, even sports etc. This is just one aspect of our life that we need to tune out. I hope you keep these three things in perspective moving forward.

86,400 Seconds:

You have 86,400 seconds each day to accomplish something different from the previous. Why waste precious time watching/reading media that will just bring you down? You could use that time to inspire or help others in your area. People often say that if you’re not affecting someone else’s life, it’s not worth living. Question is; are you using your full 86,400 seconds to affect someone else’s life? If not, tick tock!


You better get out there and start living because experiences are waiting for you! You don’t need to do things like skydiving to experience life. You build life experiences every time you try something new, or “live it up” with your friends! I guarantee that you built a new life experience sometime this week because I sure have! We only live life once, so gain as many life experiences as you can 😊

All Alright

For us battling a disability, it’s important to know that it will all be okay. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel; small or large. Talking with my cousin this weekend, we got into a competition on who has had the most stitches. I clearly have her beat, but it reminded me that through all the surgeries I went through I am also the best fighter 😊 The tough times make you strong and it will help you so much throughout your life. Whatever your disability is, know that people are here to help you fight your way to the end.

Conclusion: With 86,400 seconds in a day, you better start living your life up! We only get one shot at it, so make as many experiences as you can. Don’t worry about the negatives because the positives outweigh them by a long shot!

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