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When You Relive Your Past You Remember How Strong You Are

Family Collage Remembering The Past

People don’t realize how strong we are because only a select few live it. The path we are faced with is something not many could bare with. The disability challenge is what defines us, and it makes us who we are. A lot of you won’t agree with me when I say this, but we have a gift that we can use to inspire so many others. We can give others a sense of hope and faith through our fight with our disability. I was handed epilepsy for a reason and I’m going to use to any advantage that I can.

Nobody aside from me will remember the 3rd grade any better than me! Walking out of that classroom and feeling my life change in a matter of seconds was scary as hell. That ambulance ride to the hospital absolutely sucked. I’m grateful for the wonderful teacher I had who rode with me to make it a little less frightening. When I was finally starting to get everything together, my amazing parents were there waiting to see their favorite son! Yes, a lot of lives changed that day but acting as one team I knew we were going to be alright. It’s scary, but everything is so clear when reliving your disability.

Three hours away from home and trying to find myself, epilepsy and college finally came. I wasn’t sure what to expect. After getting involved and hanging with my roommates, that friend group came along. The best thing I did in college was telling all my friends about my epilepsy. It gave me a sense of comfort knowing I was around people who knew and cared about my medical background. Anytime something bad happened with my seizures my friends were right there to help me out. Epilepsy in college was an experience like no other, but I managed my way through it like everything else.

It’s amazing that taking your mind on a visit can bring back memories like these. Your disability can leave things so clear and vivid in your brain. Sometimes it’s good to take your mind on a short visit like this to remind yourself how strong you are. You are climbing a huge mountain and it’s just a daily routine for us now. Now use your strength to inspire others!

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