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What Friends Provide People Who Battle Epilepsy

Group of Friends At Theme Park

Living with epilepsy, we ride a daily roller coaster that tests both our mental and physical strength. As we battle this roller coaster ride, one of the biggest things that can help us navigate the ride is our friends. It’s important for us to tell our closest friends about our epilepsy because doing so can open so many doors. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed a few things friends do to accommodate us living with epilepsy. It’s pretty amazing and shows us why we must share our epilepsy story!

  1. They provide the care when family isn’t around

  2. They are there to support you through the tough times

  3. Always want to learn more about your epilepsy

  4. They provide you with trust you can count on

  5. Sense of comfort

  6. Don’t forget about all the fun times you will have!

I experienced all this firsthand when I told my friends about my epilepsy. I can’t thank my friends enough for the support and fun times they provide me with. It’s the sense of comfort that allows me to enjoy my time with all my friends. For those battling epilepsy, please share your epilepsy story!

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