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3 Personal Epilepsy Memories I Will Never Forget

Inside of Hospital

Memories; they’re a funny thing if you think about them really. You have ones that you will never forget because of the fun times you had. However, on the flip side, you will have ones that are so vivid because they were a life changing event, good or bad. Epilepsy throws us so many challenges that eventually become memories we don’t forget. Here are just a few I think we ALL can relate to.

My Greeting With Epilepsy & Seizures

“Can I grab something from my backpack?” Those were the last words I remember saying before I walked out of my classroom, headed down the hallway, and had my first grandmal seizure. I slowly gathered myself in the ambulance with my teacher in the front seat and the EMT working on me the entire ride to the hospital. I was so happy to see my parents at the hospital, as I was confused out of my mind! I went from enjoying a typical third grade day with my friends, to having them come visit me at the hospital that night. In a matter of hours, I had a grandmal seizure, had a wonderful ride in an ambulance, and spent tons of time getting tests done to confirm it was a seizure. I have no doubt that each one of you can describe your first seizure so vivid just because it marked a huge lifestyle change. Despite having my first seizure, I still managed to make it on the pictures mound that following night

The Oh So Fun Doctors Appointments

Okay so you probably don’t think this one is much of a challenge, but I actually think it is. The amount of doctors we see and the appointments we’ve been through is a challenge in itself. What about all the questions we have to be prepared with when going into those appointments with? I’m sure a few of those doctors appointments didn’t quite go the way you wanted right? Maybe they went fantastic. So much happens before, during, and after doctors appointments that they can really test our mental toughness to be honest. I know I’ve had a few where I felt like I was mentally drained afterwards. We all want the right information about our epilepsy, and doctors appointments can’t be overlooked by any means.

The Craziest Two Week SEEG Ever

One of the biggest challenges for me and my parents during all this was my SEEG test. Getting electrodes placed inside your brain and spending two weeks in the hospital IS NOT fun. To be honest, the surgery part wasn’t as bad as me having the grandmal seizures again. Neither my mom or myself liked it when they decreased my dosage of meds to induce my seizures more and more. I give more credit to my mom for having to watch me go through all that than me just having another test done. We did have some quality time together! After two weeks on the dot, I made my way home exhausted and a little scared. But, to this day, my doctors are still looking at that scan trying to figure out the perfect treatment for me. Trust the process!

Having epilepsy is not fun, and we go through so much. From our first seizure to possible brain surgeries. The challenges you face can definitely test your faith, but in the end they only make you stronger. Now, go take on that epilepsy mountain!

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