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Run, Try & Fight Like a Little Giant to Beat Your Disability

If there’s one thing I could tell you with 100% certainty, it would be that nothing in this world comes easy. Every stage in your life you will have challenges and barriers to overcome. But for people with disabilities, we have a challenge that stays with us throughout the stages of our lives. Having a disability sucks, I totally get it. However, our disability has taught us one very important thing and that’s how to overcome each challenge that comes our way. Our disability has put us through serious mental and physical challenges, but we find a way to overcome them. Thanks to our disability, our other challenges seem very doable.

“Run Like We Never Run”:

From day one of our disability, we were taught to “run” or keep moving with everything that comes with our disability. For me, this meant multiple doctor visits, weeks spent at hospitals and a brain surgery. It’s an ongoing path to the end, but we all keep running to the end. We never know what’s in store for us, whether it’s disability related or not. But because of our disability, we were groomed to keep running with the challenges given to us.

“Try Like We Never Try”:

If you add a disability to someone’s life, it automatically makes them try so much harder in life. We deal with something that affects us daily, and we rarely know what’s in store next. For us, the word “try” means something so much more. It means trying to push through mental and physical stress from everything your disability throws at you. Oh, and for some of us, stress is an aura. Whatever barriers come through your life, there’s no doubt you’ll work your way through it.

“Fight Like We Never Fight”:

Anyone with a disability knows that from day one it has been one continuously fight. This is no boxing or wrestling match that lasts a few minutes or rounds. Our fight lasts a lifetime and we can’t quit at any point. There was no practice for us, the fight started right away. Our fight has prepared well for what’s to come in our lives. Any other challenge or barrier that may cross your path will seem small compared to your daily disability fight.

"Little Giant" by Roo Panes, Album: Little Giant, 2014


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